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Pastor Phil Lydick accepted Christ as his personal saviour as a boy in Longview, WA, at the church where his father, Daniel Lydick, was the pastor.  However, it wasn’t until May of 2002, when he was 24, that Pastor Lydick’s Lord called him to become a preacher of the Gospel.

He met his lovely wife, Alicia, at Heartland Baptist Bible College in the Fall of 2002, and they were married in the summer of 2004.  God has blessed them, so far, with four precious children.

After the Lydicks received their Bachelor of Ministry degrees in 2005, our pastor and his wife moved here to Spokane Valley, WA, where he trained under the founding pastor, Duane Pettipiece, for nearly 8 years.  Once Pastor Pettipiece retired in April of 2013, the church called Pastor Lydick to be their pastor.

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